Saturday, September 1, 2007

Scrapbooking Tip of the Week - Tip #4: Titles

Most of my pages have titles.  In fact, I think ALL of my layouts have titles.  Some are one word, and some are pretty long.  It all depends on the layout.  I find that a catchy title really makes people want to look at the page(s).  You might not want to put a title on all of your pages, and that's OK, too.

I create my titles in different ways.  Sometimes I stamp them, and other times I use my BigKick to die-cut them.  I use rub-ons, my computer, and occasionally stickers. 

Here is a layout from Halloween of last year.  The title is simple, but effective.  I used my BigKick and the Vixen set by QuicKutz.


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