Saturday, September 29, 2007

Scrapbooking Tip #8: Journaling Strips

If you read My Crafty Life regularly, you already know that journaling is very important to me. It's the main thing that separates my scrapbooks from my photo albums. Sometimes, though, I find that I don't have enough room on my layout for journaling. This is especially true if I use a lot of photos on my layout, as I did in the Disney layout below. Even though it's a 2-page layout, I included so many photos that I just couldn't squeeze anything else in without making the page look too crowded. So I cut my journaling into strips.

It's very easy. Just write or type your journaling onto whatever paper/cardstock you've chosen. (I usually hand-write my journaling; but in this case, the Disney font was just perfect. I used regular acid-free printer paper.) If you're handwriting it, be sure to start every sentence on a new line. In either case, leave a lot of room in between your lines. Then cut the lines apart, using either scissors for a free-form look, or a paper trimmer for a more uniform look. To add a little dimension, you can also ink the edges.

Journaling is so important to me that I feel that I have to include it on every layout - even if it's just a few lines. Thanks for stopping by! See you next week (or sooner)!


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