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Letters to Santa

Hi everyone!  I hope you are holding up during the holiday rush.  I'm barely hanging on.  I thought you'd enjoy this article that I wrote that was just published on Scrapjazz.  It's all about what to do with those letters to Santa.  Merry Christmas!

Letters to Santa

by Jeanette Giancaspro (Dec 19, 2012)
My children don't write letters to Santa anymore.  Sad but true.  They are 18 and 13, so they haven't written to him for a while now.  I know they have to grow up, but like most other parents of teenagers, I wonder how the years could have passed so quickly.  And, of course, how they could have gotten so big, while I haven't aged at all!
One of the reasons that I scrapbook is to remember my children's younger years.  I don't want to forget all of those adorableHalloween costumes, the dozens of Easter eggs they've decorated, the birthdays we've celebrated together, and their childhood Christmases - especially their letters to Santa.
While looking through our scrapbooks recently, I came across this layout from 2004.  Although the papers have long since been discontinued (they were from BasicGrey), I noticed that the layout I made was one that could be easily re-created with newerpatterned papers and basic cardstock.
Although you can't see it in the photo above, the journaling for this layout is hidden behind the title panel.  It is attached to the page with hinges that open to reveal the story of Christmas 2004.  Here is a closer look at the opened panel.
Making this is a lot easier than it looks.  You don't even need to use hinges.  Simply fold a piece of cardstock so that it is the size that you want, and adhere the back piece to your page.  Place a cutting mat inside the page protector, and cut a slit around each of the sides that open.  This will create a flap in the page protector, so that the hidden journaling can be read when the panel is opened.  I clipped the page protector to the front of the panel with a shaped paper clip.  If you prefer to keep your journaling hidden, then you can eliminate this step and leave the page protector intact. 
The right page of my layout is where I housed the letters to Santa that my children wrote in 2004.   To make a pocket like this one, cut a piece of heavyweight patterned paper or cardstock to approximately 3" x 12".  You can adjust the height measurement as needed.  Apply a strong adhesive to the two side edges and bottom edge of your paper, and adhere it to the page.  It is important that you use heavyweight paper or cardstock and strong adhesive, because your pocket will probably get a lot of wear.  Although I used the original letters in my layout, if you're concerned with their safety, you can use copies.  I didn't cut a slit in my page protector, because I didn't want them to fall out of the pocket, but you certainly can if you wish.
I've also used these techniques on layouts for other occasions.  I've included Thanksgiving place cards, birthday cards, and other special memorabilia in pockets on those pages.  Sometimes I cut slits in the page protectors for easy access to the pockets' contents, and sometimes I don't.  It depends on the layout.  I've included hidden journaling in some of my children's baby layouts, because it is very private and intended for their eyes only (when they are older).
Whether you use these techniques to include letters to Santa, or you use them on other layouts for your special occasions and holidays, I hope you find these ideas useful and easy to replicate.  They are a fun way to add some interactive elements to your pages.  Happy Holidays, everyone!
Other supplies used on these pages include:

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I'm taking 12 photos today - one every hour - from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.  Here's the first one.  It's my cat, Fiona, waiting for me to pour my morning coffee.

Mixed Media Christmas Tags

Hey everyone!  I hope you're enjoying my daily posts this holiday season.  Today I'd like to share with you my newest article over on Scrapjazz.  I hope you enjoy it!

Here are pictures of the tags I made:

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Gift Card Holder

This is a wonderful video tutorial from Lawn Fawn.  It's adorable, and I'm planning to make some for Christmas gift cards that I'm giving this year.  Enjoy!

Gift Card Holder

Monday, December 10, 2012