Saturday, June 10, 2017

Aloha Lawn Fawn Card Lift

Today I joined a challenge and made this card that is based on a Lawn Fawn card by Kelly Marie Alvarez.  I used the Life is a Beach cartridge and other images by Cricut/ProvoCraft.

Here's mine:

Here's Kelly's:

How to Cut All Images on the Same Mat in Cricut Design Space

How to Cut All Images on One Cricut Mat in Design Space

I like to conserve paper – especially my “good” cardstock.  Unfortunately for me, in Design Space, all layers are arranged onto separate mats by default.  That means that I have to do a little work if I want to cut them all on one sheet of cardstock.  The process takes a few minutes, but it’s definitely worth the extra time.  Here is a step-by-step process that I find pretty easy to do.

1.      Add all of your images to the on-screen mat as usual.

2.      Click the Sync button in the upper right section of the control panel.

3.      Now, following the instructions, drag all of your images to the top layer.  They will now all be the same color.  This is the key to making all of the images cut on the same mat, because Design Space cuts all images with the same color on the same mat.  If you wanted to cut some images out of one color cardstock, and some out of another, you would simply drag and drop the images into the appropriate layers.

4.      Now that all of your images are the same color on your mat, click Go to start cutting.

5.      If you want to use a smaller sheet of cardstock, for example 8 ½ x 11, you can drag your images around on the mat, avoiding the space that you wouldn’t want to use.  Remember that each square on the mat is one square inch.

6.      Now click Go in the bottom right corner of your screen to cut your project.

With a little practice, this process will become easier to remember and master.  Have fun!