Sunday, July 3, 2011

Product Review: The I-Bond Cordless Glue Gun by Imaginisce

I-Bond Cordless Hot Glue Gun-Product Description:

The I-Bond by Imaginisce is a cordless glue gun that is powered by four AA batteries (not included). It is made of two shades of smooth pink plastic and has a small light at the tip of the nozzle to indicate that it’s on. Using standard mini glue sticks, the I-Bond operates at a low temperature and has a fold-out stand on which to rest when not in use.

In Use:

Imaginisce has done it again! The I-Bond Cordless Glue Gun is portable and easy to take to crops, to a friend’s house, or to different rooms in your house. There’s no cord to worry about, and you don’t have to find an outlet in order to use it. The light on the end of the nozzle has a dual function. Not only does it indicate that the glue gun is on, but it also adds a little bit of light to your work area as well. Now you can get into small dark areas of your project and still be able to see what you’re doing.

The I-Bond heats up in about five minutes, and the nozzle shorter than other glue guns I’ve used. That makes it easier to reach into smaller areas of your project, and the nozzle stays cleaner too. It’s compact, cute, and pink!

A word of advice: Be sure to use rechargeable batteries, because the I-Bond “eats” batteries. Especially if – despite the fact that there is a light on the nozzle – you leave the gun on for an extended period of time. (Ask me how I know this!) The only other drawback I found is that the I-Bond is a bit heavy, due to the four AA batteries that it requires.

It’s not terribly heavy, though, and the advantages of using a cordless glue gun are worth a bit of weight. This is a very convenient little tool. Now you can bring your glue gun right to your project, even if your project is already hanging on the wall!

Tips & Techniques:

• As mentioned earlier, use rechargeable batteries for a more economical operation of this tool.

• Even though the I-Bond has a stand, use it with a heat-resistant pad or mat.

• Remember to use the stand, or you might melt something. (Trust me on this!)

• Adult supervision is highly recommended. Although it is a “low-temp.” heat gun, it still gets very hot and can cause burns.

• Work quickly, as the glue dries fast. Have everything you need close at hand while you’re working.

Project Ideas & Examples:

I used the I-Bond for many projects this month, from jewelry to home d├ęcor to scrapbooking and card-making. Here are a few of them:
These adorable medallions will make a wonderful Easter or spring banner, or fun and festive decorations on cards and scrapbook pages. Hot glue is perfect for holding these medallions together and attaching the centers.

This crumpled paper flower will look cute on a headband for my daughter that she can wear on the Fourth of July.
Paper roses are easy to hold together with hot glue, and the I-Bond gets into the tight areas under them to create a strong, solid base for them.

Happy crafting!

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