Friday, July 15, 2011

Keeping It Edgy: The Paper Trimming Buddy

I love decorative edges! I’ve been a scrapbooker and stamper for 10 years now, and one design element that has remained popular since I started is the decorative edge. The Paper Trimming Buddy by Marvy Uchida ($20.99) makes adding a decorative edge to your project quick and easy.

Unlike decorative-edge scissors, the Paper Trimming Buddy cuts straight and accurately. You don’t have to line up your cuts, because the entire cut is done in one sweep of the blade shuttle. There are eight interchangeable blades, which are available separately for $5.99 each: Straight (comes with trimmer), Wave, Scoring, Scallop, Victorian, Pinking, Perforating, and Rhythm. The blades are very easy to change. A simple twist opens the shuttle, and the blades pop in and out. The back is labeled, so there is no way to insert the blade incorrectly. The sharp edges are retracted, until you press down on the shuttle, so there is no danger of cutting yourself.

Mats for the cutting channel are inexpensive and economical. The narrow mats can be flipped and used four times, and replacements are available at $3.99 for two.

Measurements on the trimmer are in increments of 1/16 of an inch, and the swing-out arm extends to 16 inches. (Be very careful when folding the arm back down. It’s easy to catch your finger – at least it was for me!) The locking paper holder keeps your paper secure while you’re cutting, but I find that you do need to hold your paper down as well.

Although the shuttle prevents the trimmer from being stored flat, there is a convenient carrying handle for portability and a hanging loop, making the Paper Trimming Buddy easy to take to crops and friends’ houses.

Here is an example of the cuts I made with the blades I have (Pinking, Straight, Perforated, Scallop, and Wave):

And here is the most recent card I’ve made using the trimmer (Pinking and Wave blades):

The Paper Trimming Buddy by Marvy Uchida is an inexpensive, quick, and simple alternative to border punches and dies. The blades take up little storage space, and the trimmer itself is light-weight and portable. And for an extra added bonus, you usually receive a free-style handle along with the trimmer, which allows you to use the blades to cut any free-hand shape you’d like. The blades simply pop in and out, just as they do in the trimmer. Have fun!

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