Saturday, May 1, 2010

Stop Beating Yourself Up!

I just had to share a reply that I made to a post on a popular stamping forum. It was in response to several posts about looking back on older cards. So many people place so much unnecessary pressure on themselves when it comes to crafting that I felt the need to reiterate how I feel about crafting. I'm looking forward to your replies on this:

Well, I've always been the one to look at things differently, I guess. When I look at my old scrapbook pages and cards, I don't cringe at the "out-of-date" designs and techniques. I enjoyed making those cards and layouts, and I used and did what made me happy then. Sure, my style has changed over the years; but we as human beings are in a constant state of change. Almost everything in our lives reflects that. I also don't feel pressured into keeping up with the latest and greatest. Sure, I love trying new things; but I don't feel as if I have to have what everyone else is buying, nor do I need to make my cards and scrapbook pages look like everyone else's. The second scrapbooking and stamping become a source of stress for me, I won't be doing them anymore. Right now, they are a source of calm and sanity for me. I hope that all my fellow stampers and scrapbookers can find the enjoyment and joy that I find in these hobbies. Happy National Scrapbooking Day, everyone!

As always, remember to be your own crafty self!

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Tanya said...

It's a very positive (and sane) way to look at your older projects. I think it's hard to keep a clear perspective.