Wednesday, November 20, 2013

7 Days of Being Thankful: Day 1

Since Thanksgiving is a week from tomorrow, I thought I would reflect on my life and "count my blessings."  I sometimes get caught up in everyday negativity, and I think it's important to pause and think about all of the good things I have in my life.  This may turn into a Gratitude Journal of sorts, and it may not.  But I think it's important for me to do this, no matter what I decide to do.

Today I am thankful for my family.  Not one of us is perfect, but we make it work.  We love each other, and we support each other.  I have a husband who has been my source of strength and encouragement for not only the 24+ years that we have been married, but also during the years before our marriage.  I have a son who has overcome many challenges and difficulties with humor and love.  I have a daughter who is not only a "Mini Me," but who is also talented, smart, and beautiful both inside and out.  Yeah, we're pretty O.K.

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