Thursday, January 5, 2012


Happy New Year everyone!  This year I have decided to focus on "One Little Word."  Although I was inspired by Ali Edwards to choose this one word that will guide me through the ups and downs of 2012, I will not be taking her class.  It's just too structured for me, and I don't need to feel any more pressure to get yet another thing done.  So I will "do my own thing" with my little word - which is, in fact, little.

I don't know how often I will post, but I'll pop in for a little while this month.  I will be taking little steps toward bigger things, making a little more time for the people and things I value and love, and taking a little more time away from things and people who need to occupy a back seat in my life.  It should be an interesting journey.

See you soon!


Wen said...

Great idea, mine is FUN & I too plan to blog about it woooot

Scrapjanny said...

That sounds like a great word too. Good luck, and thanks for visiting. I'll be posting some of my progress soon.