Thursday, September 29, 2011

Two Thumbs DOWN for The Scrapbook Showgram

Hi everyone.  Sorry it's been so long since I last blogged.  I've been busy working at the Fab Ink Pad in the West Village.  You really should stop by if you love paper crafting.  And that's all of you, right?

Now on to something that isn't so fabulous.  It seems like The Scrapbook Showgram with Sandi Genovese is going the way of so many other "free" shows on the Internet.  Now they are forcing anyone who wants access to past "free" shows to pay a Gold Membership fee.  Of course, this special membership includes access to exclusive forums and a gallery where you can share your projects (be still my heart!).

When I expressed my feelings to Sandi and Jim (the producer), Jim replied that they are doing this because they can't get sponsors for the show.  What a lame excuse for charging a fee for access to "free" shows!  Yes, they will still continue to air a free show every week; but if you want to watch past episodes, you have to be a Gold Member (Oh, behave!). 

Oh, well.  There are still plenty of free shows and videos on the 'net.  And I'm off to watch some now!  Thanks for stopping by, and remember to always be your crafty self.

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