Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fall Wreath

Red, orange, yellow, green . . . .  No, I’m not reciting the color spectrum that you learned in school.  These are the rich, brilliant colors of fall that make it the most spectacular of all the seasons.  It’s truly a feast for the eyes, and it’s quite simple to bring some of that splendor into your own fall home decor in the form of a paper-leaf wreath.
  Here are the supplies you will need for this project:
The first thing you need to do is die cut or punch a variety of leaves.  For my wreath, I cut leaves with my Big Kick Big Shot and Cricut, and supplemented these with some smaller leaves punched with a leaf punch.  You can also cut acorns, walnuts, or any other shapes that represent autumn.

After you’ve cut all your shapes, add some details by scoring veins into your leaves with an embossing stylus and foam pad.  I used a real leaf as a model.

Apply chalk or ink to the embossed areas to add dimension and make them stand out.

Using a die-cut machine, a circle cutter or a plate, cut a doughnut shape to create the wreath base.  Adhere the leaves and other shapes to the wreath, layering as you fill up the wreath.

This is a great project to do with the kids.  Don’t limit yourself to only fall scrapbook paper and cardstock.  You can use any paper that will work with your tools and machines, including your children’s construction paper.  Happy fall, y’all!

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