Monday, September 20, 2010

Stamp Scrap Art Tour, Rhinebeck, NY

Art Gone Wild had some fabulous display boards.
Yesterday I took a 2-hour drive and went to the Stamp Scrap Art Tour in Rhinebeck, NY; and, although I had a great time visiting with my BFF, Tina, I have to honestly say that the show wasn't really worth the trip.  Yes, I bought some cool stamps and other goodies that I can't find in my local craft stores (I don't have any local scrapbook or stamp stores); but some really big names in the stamping and scrapbooking world were missing. 

I wasn't expecting many scrapbook vendors, because this is primarily a stamping expo.  It makes me wonder why it's called the Stamp Scrap Art Show in the first place, but I'm not going to get hung up on the name.  It was still disappointing not to see Marco's Paper and Outlines.  Those are two booths that I always look forward to visiting.

There were 18 vendors in all, and you can find the links to these vendors on the Stamp Scrap Art Tour site:  Custom Wood by Dallas, Heartfelt Creations, Repeat Impressions, Just For Fun, Motivet Rubber Stamps, ScrapDazzle, Darcie's Country Folk, Stampers Anonymous, Inky Antics, Art Gone Wild, Stamp Camp, Lost Coast Designs, Seaside Stampin' Ink, Central Perk Scrappers, Rubber Cottage, Stamp On It, Sweet, and Purple Daisy Designs. 

It was good to see some new companies (e.g. Central Perk Scrappers, Just For, Fun, and Stamp On it).  In fact, some of the demos were very well done.  The make 'n takes left a lot to be desired, though, and we didn't try any of them.  I believe that there shouldn't be a charge for make 'n takes, but that's another story.

I don't know if Saturday's turnout was better than yesterday's, but I doubt it.  Most of the vendors seemed disappointed and unenthusiastic.  Some traveled quite a long way from home and invested quite a bit of money, time, and effort in this show; however, the exhibit hall was depressingly deserted.  You would think that Tina and I would have won one of the door prize drawings, then, right?  That might have made the trip worth it, but no such luck.

I have the sinking feeling that we've seen the last of the Rhinebeck SSAT.  The loss of some of their biggest vendors and the decline in consumer attendance don't bode well for this venue.  I will miss it, as there aren't many expos of this type in New York as it is.  Oh, well, hopefully the Greater New York Stamp Show will have a better turn-out, in terms of both vendors and consumers. 

Thanks for checking in, and remember to be your crafty self.

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