Saturday, August 23, 2008

Paper Crafting Tip #35: Believe in Yourself

This week's tip is more of a self-confidence booster, rather than an actual paper crafting tip.  Last night I read some posts on a forum that made me happy that I don't participate in swaps there.  The thread was all about how people get upset and even angry when other swap members' cards don't meet "their" standards. 

I've been hosting card swaps for years, and I welcome and encourage swappers of all levels.  In fact, I encourage beginners to join, because they can learn so much from others.  And even the most experienced stamper can learn something from a beginner, whether it be color combinations, layout, or simply an appreciation for the effort and work that person put into making the card.  

I had to stop reading the thread, because it was making me angry.  How dare people criticize others because they aren't "good enough" for their elite group?  If they want to be in a swap with only "professional" stampers, then that is the kind of swap group they should join.

Most of the people who attend my workshops and join my swaps start as beginners.  They build their confidence through practice, learning new techniques, and learning from each other.  They learn to believe in themselves and in their own unique talents

There is enough stress in our lives, without having to worry about whether or not we can live up to others' standards with our crafting.  So this week, make an effort to have fun with your crafting.  Believe in yourself, enjoy what you're doing, and don't worry about being "good enough" for anyone else.  Happy Crafting!


M said...

I think I know what thread you're talking about :) I'm "melissaink" on SCS. I'm participating in my first swaps and that thread has definately been haunting me a bit.
My test for things I create: Is this something I'd be happy receiving? Even if it's clean and simple, if I'd be happy getting it, then I'm happy to give it.
Believing in yourself is a great tip! It's a hobby (for most of us) and should be FUN and make you feel GOOD!

Jeanette said...

Yes, Melissa, I think we're talking about the same thread. That's a good test you have. Don't let those comments worry you. If you put forth your best effort, and if you're happy with what you've created, that's all that matters. Have fun, and I'd love to see your cards! Thanks for posting a comment.