Saturday, November 24, 2007

Paper Crafting Tip #16: Follow through on your commitments

I know that all of my previous tips have been positive ones, but I am very upset over a swap I joined back in September on a stamping board (which will remain nameless).  The swap was due on October 19, but it still hasn't been returned.  I've posted inquiries and sent Personal Messages, but the hostess doesn't seem to be interested in following up on what happened to the packages.  She said she already mailed them, but that was more than 2 weeks ago. 

This infuriates me.  I understand that things happen, and almost nothing goes exactly as planned, but to just abandon a swap like this is very irresponsible.  I put a lot of work into those cards.  And what makes it worse is that none of the other 3 members in the swap seem to care either.

So my tip this week, fellow crafters, is to follow through on your commitments.  If you host or join a swap, make sure that you do your best to fulfill your responsibilities.  If some emergency arises that prohibits you from doing that, let the members of your group know.  Most people (especially crafters) are pretty understanding.  Just don't ignore their concerns.

Okay, so now, with all of that said, how about forming our own swap group?  I'll host a different swap each month, each with a different theme.  You'll be able to use any brand of products you want, although I'll probably use a lot of TAC products. :)  Just post a comment here, or email me, if you're interested.  It's not a commitment yet.  I'll email details to all who are interested and let you know the deadline for signing up for the "Crafty Girls Swap Group."

Anyone who joins the Crafty Girls Swap Group will receive a kit to make this adorable Christmas Penguin card.  I will include all of the materials you will need (except adhesive and coloring materials).  Please note that there might be some variation in papers.

Card sketch by Inky Fingers


nancy said...

sure I would be interested.
the same thing happened to me when I joined a previous swap group :)

Jeanette (Scrapjanny) said...

Great, Nancy! I'll keep you posted. It's good to hear from you. :)